Electrical Panels

Anyone living in a modern home relies on electricity for almost every aspect of their lives. It keeps us comfortable during the hot summer months thanks to air conditioning and allows us to read under bright lighting in the middle of the night. It’s easy to forget about all the things we use daily that require electricity, but life without a refrigerator, microwave or television would be unbearable for most of us.

While there are many issues that can affect the wires and components running through the house, problems with the electrical panel are often the most devastating. It is the “brain” of your electrical system that distributes and moderates energy throughout the structure. When something goes wrong with this essential piece of equipment, you can rely on My Hawthorne Electrician Hero to swoop in and save the day!

Emergency Panel Repair and Inspection Services in Hawthorne

Electrical surges from storms or malfunctions in the utility network can have catastrophic consequences on your system. Panels also eventually succumb to the wear-and-tear associated with normal use.

Our professional electricians are dedicated professionals who know how to repair, replace and install electrical panels safely and quickly. We are available 24/7 to take urgent maintenance requests from our customers in Hawthorne. Our technicians respond quickly and offer you solutions to get things working again at an affordable cost.

We are fully licensed and certified to perform difficult electrical work, including repair and replacement of your breaker box. We also offer routine maintenance for service panels and electrical systems. These evaluations reveal weaknesses in your current system, as well as potential fire hazards that could develop.

When is My Panel “Too Old”?

Many people live comfortably in homes constructed decades ago. While these structures are often sound and can last for a very long time, the same cannot be said of the electrical structure. This is particularly true for the service panel, which is under constant strain from 24/7 use.

Each generation of new appliances place increasing demand on the power supply. Older homes were simply not designed to handle the load of multiple computers, televisions, dishwashers and other energy-hungry appliances. The technology for this amount of output was not commonplace at the time of construction.

Fortunately, residents  don’t need to worry about whether their older home can handle the stress! Our expert Hawthorne electricians will help you evaluate your current panel and setup to determine if it should be replaced to accommodate new or current demands.