Don’t Ignore Home Rewiring

If you live in Hawthorne and have an older home, you might have a problem with the residential wiring in that home. That’s when you need to call My Hawthorne Electrician Hero. We are affordable and fast, but the truth is, when you have old wiring inside your home there are dangers that you shouldn’t have to live with. You need to get a full house rewire job done so that you can rest easy. Just how dangerous can it be? Here’s a rundown.

How Do I Know?

Check the outlets of your home. If you see any outlets with just two holes then you know it’s not grounded. Modern outlets have three holes and they’re safer. Two-holes carries a risk not only of appliances you can’t plug in, but of electrical shock hazards.

Are There Other Risks?

Yes. This one is harder to find but you might need residential rewiring in Hawthorne, CA,  if you have old technology behind the walls. Older homes used ceramic parts within the wiring known as knob and tube. Or, some homes have cloth-wrapped Romex wiring. There are even homes with aluminum wiring. All of these methods were not meant to carry the large amounts of current that modern appliances need to operate. Thus, they damage easily and become a fire hazard. These fires can start behind the walls of your Hawthorne home and spread fast.

How Can You Help?

We can help by doing a total home rewire job. We use techniques that allow us to move room by room and replace the wiring behind the walls. That means we don’t have to shut off the power in your home and we don’t have to rip apart the walls.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost can totally depend on the size of your home. We pride ourselves on having affordable services from honest, knowledgeable and friendly electricians. We are the number on licensed electrician in Hawthorne, CA, for a reason. We have been doing electrical contractor work for more than 30 years.

What Now?

Call us for a free estimate. We’ll get out there fast, get you an estimate, and then, if you agree, we get to work. We’ll get done in a few days and you can relax and enjoy your Hawthorne home worry free!